The inaugural DIT cohort, January 2016 

The inaugural DIT cohort, January 2016 

. . . Roz the Diva is an alien, and I mean that in the most loving way possible . . . She’s an alien in that she’s so far beyond her time and this world. She’s garnered an incredible amount of recognition for her successes, yet she remains humble, honest, supportive and sincerely loves and cares about her students.
— Jada Hudson, Curvy Girls Pole
Ray Tamarra

Ray Tamarra

— Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a damn smart woman
When keeping it real goes wrong . . .

When keeping it real goes wrong . . .


I heard you.  All of you.  The gym is absolutely terrifying.

You want be about that fit life, but you're too embarrassed of your body to even start.  Your hesitation has nothing to do with petty excuses, but is deeply rooted in genuine fear of the unknown.  Will I be able to keep up with everyone else?  Does this teacher REALLY understand my struggle?  Will I feel like the fat kid in dodgeball again?

Well, damn.  I see why anybody would haul ass out of the gym; unfortunately, you're also hauling ass away from your fitness goals.  Nah son, we gotta change that.

Divas-in-Training AIN'T YO' average workout.

This six week program combines physical and mental fitness to build a stronger, more badass version of yourself!  It is designed and lead by me, a spunky 250 LBS fitness pro with a fondness for squats. Each cohort is limited to 4 plus size women, so you'll get plenty of my attention.  At the conclusion of the program, each Diva will have a basic fitness regimen that she can do on her own, and the confidence to do it correctly.


YOU, RIGHT NOW, ARE ENOUGH.  Divas-In-Training is rooted in empowerment, not guilt.  For the love of Beyonce, stop apologizing for all the ways you're failed at living a healthy life.  I already forgive you for being a hot ass mess.

There are ZERO exercises that can't be modified for your abilities.  I encourage you to move super slow until you really understand what you're doing.  If you need a break after four, not eight crunches, that's absolutely fine.  You can work out in a chair, if needed (other accommodations are cool with me, too).  In the words of Tim Gunn, we "make it work!"  This is a shade free zone, so the last thing you'll worry about is someone throwing bullshit guilt at you.  


  • Welcome call.  Each Diva will get a private 30 minute call with me before the first class to discuss her goals and what she wants to gain from this program. $25 value.
  • Six 90-minute small group training sessions.  Each session will have two components : 60 minutes of fitness (cardio, strength training, core conditioning and flexibility), and a 30 minute workshop dedicated to health goals beyond exercise (i.e.: stress management, basic nutrition, confidence). $765 value (based on my regular rate of $85/hour). 
  • NEW: A private video library chock full of knowledge bombs.  Don't worry about remembering all my knowledge bombs.  You'll have access to a private library of five videos that break down basic fitness movements and how to do them properly.  You'll have access to this library for six months after your DIT session concludes  $35 value.
  • NEW: A guest pass for the BFF.  Invite a member of your squad to do some squats alongside you for a session. $25 value.
  • Phone and e-mail support.  Unlike Verizon, asking me questions won't suck.  Whether you need a pep talk or meal prep advice, I'm here for you.
  • A squad to call her own.  Which is easier: pushing a car uphill alone OR having a post class cocktail with your fellow Divas?
  • A fun graduation prize.  There's no way you could go through all this ass busting work without a fun prize at the end.  It will most likely involve glitter or liquor.  Or both.

PRICE: $549 ($830 total value -- a 34% savings)

Yeah, I know.  $549 could buy a lot of Jack Daniels (that Honey Jack thou . . .), but consider your options:

A) Spend $0 training yourself.  You've got that one chick with abs on YouTube to guide you, and we all know how brilliant YouTube is.  Then spend $100,000 on back surgery after that one chick with abs on YouTube tells you to squat 300 times improperly.

B) Train with me and, FINALLY, get your fit life in check.  Unlike the chick with abs on YouTube, I'll be there in person to explain what a squat is, how to nail it, and why it matters for YOUR body.   You might curse me out after each session, but your renewed self-esteem will make you feel like Beyonce (cue hair flip and booty pop).

DATES  Sundays: January 8, 15, 22, 29, February 5, 12

TIME 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

LOCATION Simple Studios NYC, 134 West 29th Street (between 6th and 7th avenues)

WHO Any plus size woman who wants to learn how to exercise

PAYMENT Payment in full is required to reserve your space.  If you need to make alternative payment arrangements, hit me up at (202) 431-6571 or

REFUNDS No full or partial refunds at any time, for any reason.  In the event that you opt out of the program ON or BEFORE December 31, 2016, for any reason, you may use your registration fee towards private training sessions with me.  Absolutely no refunds or account credits will be issued if you opt out of the program on January 1, 2017 or later.


SOCIAL MEDIA Participants will be featured on all of Roz's social media platforms!