Ray Tamarra

Ray Tamarra

She is an inspiration. She is a master teacher. She teaches all the things that we dream of am of teaching in pole. Confidence, self-love, sexiness, and the art of pole dancing. If you have the opportunity to bring Roz to see you at your studio do it.
— Phillip D.


  • ALL GENDERS, SIZES, AGES & SKILL LEVELS are encouraged to participate!

  • All workshops are 90 minutes

  • 6 students minimum

  • Get ready to take lots of notes, pictures and videos!

Intro to Fitness For Plus Size Athletes

Tired of feeling like the only person who looks like you in the gym? Yea, me too, which is why I'm hosting four monthly workshops exclusively for us.    As a 250 LBS fitness instructor, I've had to work through isolation, guilt and shame at the gym; let's work together so you, too, are well equipped to handle these things.  Each workshop will be a combo of exercise and education about one of the following topics:

  • Upper body

  • Core & back

  • Lower body

  • Flexibility

Stretching at the Office 

A cubical lifestyle can wreck havoc on the neck, lower back and hip complex. Learn non-sweaty stretches you can do in a confined space with zero equipment. This workshop is perfect for anybody sitting for long periods of time.