Pole Dancing Workshop Descriptions

  • All workshops are TWO HOURS


  • No inverts or climbs are required (except in Inverts 101, duh)

  • Minimum 6 people per workshop; maximum is 2 dancers per pole

  • Heels are welcome but not required

  • Get ready to take lots of notes, pictures and videos!

Build Your Confidence

Take a break from herculean tricks and work on building your self-pole-esteem. Ditch your insecurities and learn how to feel a little more comfortable on any stage.   We’ll experiment with tempo, eye contact partner work, and a few other extroverted thaaangs.  Students will have the option of closing the class with a solo freestyle to their favorite song!  


Plus Size Pole Dancing (both students and teachers welcome)

Pole dancing is really, REALLY hard when you’re in a large body. Period. Far too often, studios are quick to preach the benefits of pole for every body, but very few instructors understand how to coach every body.  Let’s fix that. Both students and instructors are invited to learn about defining plus size, the importance of instructor diversity, class structure and lots of SPOTTING techniques!

(The below video highlights my work with plus size dancers at Dangerous Curves Pole Camp; formal workshop preview coming soon!)


Throw That Ass in a Circle

There’s so much beauty in spins on a static pole . . . if you know how to use it. This workshop teaches you how to harness your own power -- the power in that ass, specifically -- to create momentum.  We’ll start with classic spins from your pole childhood (chair, dip turn & full brackets), then get a lil’ funkier (body spirals & Juliettes). 


Inverts 101

Hauling your ass into the air is one of the most difficult and sought after skills to master.  This workshop introduces inverting to students who've never done tried it, while helping seasoned veterans polish their skills.  We'll start with a core-centric warm up, practice positioning for the floor, do some standing crunches, then fly those asses to the clouds.  Most importantly, everyone will be spotted by TWO people to ensure your safety!


Twirl on ‘em Haterz : Intro to Spin Pole

Holding on to a rotating metal object while 10’ in the air, trying to look sexy, is intimidating for the best of us. Lucky for you, I’m come bearing gifts of controlled speed, shoulder engagement and real simple poses. Workshop attendees will learn how to switch a pole from static to spin (Xpole, Platinum Stages ad Lupit only), how to control your speed, and a simple 3-move combo.


(Basic) Choreo for Bad Bitches (heels optional)

Listen . . . ain't nobody got time for a complicated, death defying pole routine.  You just need some grooves that look cute on Instagram.  We'll be spicing up some some basic moves to Hot Boyz by Missy Elliot.  No prior dance skills are required, and neither are heels (but both are totally welcome)!


Flexibility for Everyday Athletes

If you body moves with the grace of a rusty train car, you belong in this workshop! This class will teach you what a muscle actually is, how they function, and how to improve your flexibility properly. Learn how to modify any position to keep you safe. All abilities are encouraged to join — especially people with crappy knees, angry shoulders and terrible backs.