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She is an inspiration. She is a master teacher. She teaches all the things that we dream of am of teaching in pole. Confidence, self-love, sexiness, and the art of pole dancing. If you have the opportunity to bring Roz to see you at your studio do it.
— Phillip D.
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Pole Dancing Workshop Descriptions

  • All workshops are TWO HOURS


  • No inverts or climbs are required (except in Inverts 101, duh)

  • Minimum 6 people per workshop; maximum is 2 dancers per pole

  • Heels are welcome but not required

  • Get ready to take lots of notes, pictures and videos!

NEW FOR 2019 : Rhythm and Flow

All tricks and no dance makes pole a boring ass sport. Learn how to properly sequence tricks, and use un-fancy dance moves to glue everything together. Dancers will work with (imperfect) movements already in their (imperfect) repertoires. Each class ends with a chance to dance alongside Diva!

Build Your Confidence

Take a break from herculean tricks and work on building your self-pole-esteem. Ditch your comfort zone and learn how to intoxicate the masses on any stage.   We’ll experiment with tempo, eye contact partner work, and a few other extroverted thaaangs.  Students will have the option of closing the class with a solo freestyle to their favorite song!  

Coaching Plus Size Athletes (great for students, too!)

Pole dancing is really, REALLY hard when you’re in a large body. Period. Far too often, plus size students feel isolated & hopeless; most studios are quick to preach the benefits of pole for every body, but very few instructors understand how to coach every body.  Let’s fix that. Both students and instructors are invited to learn about defining plus size, the importance of instructor diversity, class structure and lots of SPOTTING techniques!

Inverts & cLIMBS 101

Hauling your ass into the air is one of the most difficult and sought after skills to master when you start pole dancing.  This workshop introduces inverting and climbing to students who suck at both.  We'll have extra spotters on hand to make sure er'rybody stays safe!

Throw That Ass in a Circle

There’s so much beauty in spins on a static pole . . . if you know how to use it. This workshop teaches you how to harness your own power -- the power in that ass, specifically -- to create momentum.  We’ll start with classic spins from your pole childhood (chair, dip turn & full brackets), then get a lil’ funkier (body spirals & Juliettes). 

Flexibility Workshop : Flex The Funk

If you body moves with the grace of a rusty train car, you belong in this workshop! Flexibility training is vital to joint mobility, muscular balance and everyday comfort. A soundtrack of 90’s R & B will take you on a soulful groove to relieve your stressed body. All ages and abilities are encouraged to join!