Here's a quick preview of what to expect during a personal training session with me. Shoutout to Tanya St. Louis for her video editing skills!

Simple is sexy.  I utilize easy-to-execute movements at a challenging, not overwhelming, pace to get clients to the promised land.  No diets, no cleanses, no bullshit -- just sweat.  And my terrible singing when I hear Beyonce.  

You have freedom to mess up, slow down and be imperfect!  Personal training isn't about feeling embarrassed in front of your coach; hell, I'm thrilled you're moving, period!  Let me worry about technical perfection.  Don't let your perceived shortcomings stop you from athletic glory!  

During our $60 jump off session, we'll determine your starting point, talk about goals, and figure out how I can help you be more awesome.  If we're a mutually good match, we rock out. 

 your insecurities? #ByeFelicia

Lastly, come as you are.  I'm a dark skin, semi-bald, overweight, outspoken woman who runs around NYC half naked.  I'm also a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community; I'm already a fan of your religion; your disabilities don't scare me; the only race I see is pizza.  Unless you're a total douche bag, we're already BFFs.

$60 Jump Off session for new clients!

CLIENTS    Plus size women (and men!) and other gym misfits

COACHING STYLE      A homecoming cheerleader on speed

HOW YOU'LL SWEAT       Total body conditioning, ab work, TRX, pole, flexy stuff

PRICE     $60 Jump Off Session for New Clients (FULL PRICE LIST HERE)

PAYMENT OPTIONS Square, cash or credit card

WHERE    Brooklyn Fit Lab, 645 Sterling Place, Brooklyn NY 11238; Complete Body (three Manhattan locations)

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